2020 Shave for the Brave is ON!

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What’s better than a pizza party? A pizza party celebrating the start of the 2020 Shave for the Brave season!

On February 10, student Shavers from Mary Queen of Peace Elementary in St. John’s, NL, gathered with Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC), family, friends, and (of course!) Razor the Lion, to eat pizza and celebrate the beginning of a brand new Shave season!

YACC Executive Director, Geoff Eaton, pumped up the crowd with stickers, stories, and stats about the amazing work being done through funds raised by Shave for the Brave. After asking the students if they remembered YACC’s mantra, the room cheered in unison, “YACC’s got your back!”

Among the party guests were 2019 Shave Ambassadors Dave Steele, Naomi-Lee Cheeke, and Malik Snook, who share their favourite moments from representing the Shave last year. The event ended with the, “passing of the razor,” where 2019 Shave Ambassadors welcomed their successors to the honour of representing the Shave for the Brave in 2020.

Our 2020 Shave for the Brave Ambassadors are Shaver and business person, Rob Crosbie, recording artist and young adult cancer survivor, Meghan Watermann, and fourth-time shaver, second-grader, Sammy Peddle. The Shave is also proud to welcome comedian, Colin Hollett, to the Shave team, as our first official Shave Champion, representing the Shave everywhere from social media, to radio, to television, and beyond.

We’ll be sharing more about our 2020 Shave Ambassadors and Champion this coming week so stay tuned to all things Shave for the Brave!

With no shortage of smiles, pizza, high fives, or yellow toques, the 2020 Shave for the Brave launch party was a huge success! Big thanks to Mary Queen of Peace Elementary for hosting and to Dominos pizza for the delicious lunch!

2020 Shave for the Brave – It’s time to ROARRRR!

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