5 ways to boost your fundraising in the off season

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We’re currently in what we call the “off season.” There are still a few office and group Shaves for the Brave on the schedule, but we’re taking a little time to regroup, revamp, and eventually relaunch our full steam ahead action plan. So, though it’s a little too soon to register your 2016 event, it’s never too early to start thinking about ways to boost your fundraising totals and beat your best leaderboard spot!

  1. Make sweet, sweet lemonade out of awesome summer days! Use the last few warm days of summer to your advantage by setting up shop with a refreshment stand! You can sell a nice cold beverage, homemade snacks — whatever you like!
  2. Get mowing. Put a sign up in your neighbourhood saying you’ll mow a lawn for a donation toward your upcoming Shave! This is an easy one to organize that you just aren’t able to make use of during the typical Shave season when shoveling driveways is de rigueur. We suggest setting a price based on “small lawns” and “large lawns,” or per half hour of mowing time.
  3. Start prepping for your silent auction. End-of-summer sales are about to start popping up everywhere and stores might be willing to part with a few items as they make room for the back to school stock. Plus, bringing out a few off-season items in the new year will attract those snow birds who aren’t able to find warm weather gear for their mid-winter trips down south!
  4. Get your people together. There are a few great group-based events on the go right now in support of YACC such as Brews, Bowls & Charity Goals and East Rock Crew’s 10 Year Anniversary Jam, Take the Rock. Motivated supporters looked at ways to include fundraising elements in activities they were already doing to add an extra element of “yeah-we-did!” to support of a cause they believe in. Organize a dance at your school, host a party with a donation jar at the door, or hold a theme night with your sports league or exercise class!
  5. Ask the boss. Many people don’t realize their employers have giving pillars and corporate matching programs. They might be interested in sponsoring your Shave or giving a grant if you fill out an application form. As one YACCer says, changing lives can be as simple as reading your employee handbook.

We’re here to help if you want more info on any of these options, or need a little guidance with an idea of your own — just email info@shaveforthebrave.ca!

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