6 ways to ramp up School Shave excitement

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By Alicia Quann, fund development manager

Here’s one for all the School Shave Head Hunters out there! Are you finding it difficult to recruit Shavers and get students excited for your Shave? No doubt once Shave Day is upon you, students will feel the energy and want to participate, but as a Head Hunter, I know you want to plan ahead and be as organized as possible for the big day. Here are some tips and tricks to get Shavers committed and interested in Shave for the Brave:

1. Send letters home to parents with FAQs about Shave for the Brave. I can prepare a document for you if you don’t have your own, or don’t have the time to create one yourself. Just let me know and I can send one your way!

2. Get those teasers and event posters up! In your Shave-In-A-Box, you should have received teaser and/or event posters to display around the school. These are a great way to let students know Shave for the Brave is coming.

3. Announce, announce, announce! If possible, schedule Shave for the Brave announcement weekly or daily during your school announcements. You can promote the Shave by highlighting outstanding fundraising events or activities, announcing new Shavers as they sign up, updating the school on their fundraising goal, or giving any other “Shave News” you might have. This will keep the Shave top of mind for students and will definitely generate some excitement and involvement within the school.

4. Gather a committee of student Head Hunters to assist you! Your student council is a great place to start!

5. Wear your Head Hunter t-shirt on Fridays to promote the Shave!

6. Make classroom visits. If possible, take the time to visit each classroom and explain what Shave for the Brave and YACC are all about. You could even show students the ”Get Your Head Into the Shave” video!

Shave for the Brave is such an exciting and inclusive event for schools to host, and I love seeing all the shavers and hearing stories about why they decided to Shave for the Brave! If you have any other tips and tricks to recruit shavers for events, please send them my way!

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