Alicia's favourite fundraising ideas

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By Alicia Quann, fund development manager

Fundraising as a group or school can not only increase the your overall fundraising efforts, but might also increase participation in the Shave event, raise awareness, and involve other students who may not be Shaving! I have compiled a list of some of my favorite fundraising ideas:

1. Hold a bake sale! Not only will this get students involved and excited about the Shave, but it will also get the parents and teachers involved, too! Bake sales are a great way for students to help out and volunteer.

2. It won’t be long until the Shavers will have no hair, so why not host a crazy hair or silly hat day?! Participants donate a loonie or toonie to participate, and the collected coins contribute to the event’s total.

3. Want another way to get the staff involved? Why not give a whole new meaning to casual friday by having staff make a donations to wear jeans to work?

4. Putting a fundraising bounty on someone’s head goes a long way! If your Shave team has a dynamic personality, someone with an incredible head of hair, or two people who would like to challenge each other, set parameters around the total! Sometimes the person agrees to Shave only if the bounty is met (this one works great with principals and team leaders!), sometimes they’ll dye their hair an unusual colour for a period of time or sport an unflattering hair cut — get creative!

5. Speaking of creativity — ask your Shavers to come up with some ideas, or even form a fundraising committee! The more involved the students, staff, teammates, etc. are with planning and fundraising, the more successful your Shave will be! Remember, a successful Shave means more funding for life-changing support programs for young adults dealing with cancer, like Megan!

Which fundraising activities have worked well for you? Email if you have some brilliant ideas we can share!

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