An unbelievable Shave first!

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There was a time when we thought the most extreme Shave stories we heard involved years and years of hair growth for the sole purpose of donating enough to send off to Wigs for Kids. Well, we’ve got a new one for ya.

Not only did first-time Shaver Glen Curtis donate six years’ worth of hair growth, HE TATTOOED THE SHAVE LOGO ON HIS HEAD!

We haven’t heard of anybody doing that before! Wild! And Awesome!


Glen says he first encountered Shave for the Brave a few years ago when his step-daughter Shaved off her long blonde locks during Clarenville High School’s Shave.

“She was only in grade three at the time with long blonde hair, and she Shaved it right to the scalp. She had a great big smile on her face as they took all her locks of beautiful hair. I was so proud of her for helping out in such a great cause,” he said.

Feeling inspired, Glen decided he wanted to do his part by helping out, raising money, and donating his hair for the cause. With the help of his wife, Glen set out to make his solo shave an event that he and his family won’t soon forget. Glen reached out to Brandon Reardon, the recreation manager of the town of Clarenville, and together they planned and coordinated the Shave to take place during the 2016 Canada Day celebrations.

“I wanted to get involved to help out young adults with cancer. In some way or another, We’ve all been affected by cancer,” he said. “I haven’t had a hair cut in six years, so it needed to be done! I hope I’ve been able to make a difference in someone’s life.”


On July 1, Glen’s family, friends, and neighbours watched and cheered as he shed his mane! He raised over $1,500 for Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC), and has inspired all of us here at YACC HQ (though no one has made a call down to the tattoo shop just yet)! Not only has Glen assisted in changing the lives of all the young adults in our network, he also has taken our definition of Mane-iac to a whole new level!

Glen says he’s not done with Shave for the Brave; he plans to participate in Shave for the Brave in 10 years, and hopes the person Shaving his head gets a huge surprise!

Huge shout out to Krista Ellis from Graphic-Ink who generously did the tattoo free of charge, and to hairstylist Vanessa Bordeleau, from Golden Touch Hairstyling Salon kindly volunteered her time and skills to give Glen the most powerful haircut of his life!





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