Archer changed lives while you were watching cartoons

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All photos from Julie Michaud | @TheSilverlupus

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, a community rallied around Archer Michaud and his mom, Julie, in support of Shave for the Brave.

Archer gets it. Julie was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer when he was just 11 months old. She has been dealing with cancer throughout his whole life while also parenting his two younger siblings, managing a household, working on her art, and trying to be a normal thirty-something. Julie says regular involvement with Young Adult Cancer Canada’s (YACC) community and programs helps her husband and their kids get the best version of her; YACC helps her process and connect.

So when Archer, Julie, and friends of the Michauds faced the razor, they knew what it was for. The $2,400 they raised will help fund those digital, local, and national programs that help Julie and her buddies from across Canada live with, through, and beyond cancer.

That’s a pretty amazing feat for a young kid!

In addition to the Shave, Julie organized a community market to help raise additional funds to help young adults get the most out of Survivor Conference in June. 

High five to everyone who took part in this event!

Read more on Julie’s blog, Silverlupus: life thru cancer and other hiccups. 

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