Credit unions raise over $25K!

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The Public Service Credit Union (PSCU) is not your typical bank, so it came as no surprise that they aren’t typical sponsors. They didn’t just write a cheque or just challenge their branches, they provided kick start bonuses to all Government of Newfoundland and Labrador employees organizing their own Shaves!

It all started with a partnership between the PSCU and Atlantic Central. Atlantic Central eagerly met the PSCU challenge approach by rewarding $2,000 to the first Credit Union in each province willing to face the razor.


Their accountants soon got to work writing cheques as Credit Unions and government employees started signing up to meet their challenge.

Shaves happened at Credit Unions in all four Atlantic provinces starting with Sean Killpatrick’s PSCU Shave in Newfoundland, then came Atlantic Central’s Shave in Nova Scotia, followed by OMISTA Credit Union’s Shave in New Brunswick, and finishing up with Consolidated Credit Union’s Shave in Prince Edward Island. Rick Vaillancourt lead OMISTA Credit Union locations in Moncton and Fredericton while Consolidated Credit Union was lead by John Smallwood. All four locations received a plethora of incentives including $2,000 from Atlantic Central and $500 from PSCU. Their four Shaves culminated in over $25,000 raised in support of young adults affected by cancer!

Government employees were not about to let the Credit Unions get all the incentives. Nalcor Energy, Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, Atlantic Lottery, and St. John’s firefighters all faced the razor and received PSCU’s $500 head start incentives.

The joint PSCU and Atlantic Central challenges were not only unique in their approach but incredibly successful with their fundraising. By challenging Credit Unions and government employees they used the power of their community to raise way more than they would have achieved with a standard cash donation. They also led by example as board members and community leaders showed their fearlessness by stepping up to the razor. With such innovative leaders and a growing partnership we can’t wait to see what their 2015 Shaves hold!

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