Five reasons to get involved this year!

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As we enter our 13th Shave season, we know you have some great reasons to sign up, organize Shave for the Brave events, and donate each year. Here are a few extra reasons to help get you fired up for #Shave2018!

1. We have a new team member to help! Lisa Hunt joined us at YACC HQ back in the fall, and she is ready to hear from you! Email to learn more about hosting your own School, Office, Team, or Solo Shave, and click here to learn more about her!

2. We’re on our way to 20,000 Shavers! Reaching our 10,000th Shaver milestone in 2014 was amazing, and delivering a “Brave” 15,000th Shaver toque to Alyssa in December was one big highlight of a pretty joyful month. Who will get our 20,000th Shaver toque?!

3. Shave for the Brave helps support upcoming web-based projects like the YAC Prime Study and Big Cancer Hook-up… In partnership with Memorial University, the YAC Prime Study will help shape YACC’s programs and services to best help young adults live and love life after cancer, while also influencing advocacy efforts to make sure getting cancer in your late teens, 20s, and 30s isn’t the same for future generations (Take the survey if you were diagnosed with cancer between 15-39, or share it with anyone you know who has a story to be heard!). The Big Cancer Hook-up is our annual “meet-up” of young adults across Canada, ending isolation by congregating groups in 13 Canadian cities, and letting viewers at home learn more about a peer network that “gets it.”

4. …as well as face-to-face events like Localife and Survivor Conference! Localife is entering its sixth year and eighth city as we continue to offer fun, casual, social opportunities for young adults dealing with cancer to get together and feel understood. The Survivor Conference is our annual “family reunion” and largest face-to-face event with approximately 100 participants who attend workshops, listen to speakers, and connect with the supportive peer community they’ve been looking for.

5. Shaving for the Brave is empowering as all get-out! We’ve heard the stories from school administrators who watched students’ confidence build through participation, caregivers who transform through gaining a better understanding their side of the story, and teams that developed tighter bonds and unbreakable spirit by Shaving for the Brave. The latest example of a feel-good story is 12th grader and long-time Shaver Christian Legge being recognized as a Canada 150 Local Heroes Award Winner! High five!

So, are you in?

We have more exciting updates waiting to come out in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned, stop trimming, and start Shaving!

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