How to customize your Personal Page

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One of the perks of registering for Shave for the Brave online is you get an online fundraising page which can be customized with your photos, videos, and messages to help your donors and supporters understand what the experience means to you and keeps them updated throughout the event!


Step 1: Adding photos

1. Log in to your participant centre

2. Click on the “Personal Page” icon in the top left corner

3. Click “Edit images/videos” under the picture of the lion

4. A pop-up window will appear; click “select” to choose your photo

5. Once the file name is listed, click “upload”

6. Make sure to click “save” before closing the pop-up


Step 2: Adding videos

1. While still logged in to your Participant Page, copy the link of a YouTube video

2. Paste it into the white box

3. Click “add video”

4. Make sure to click “Save” before closing the pop-up


Step 3: Updating your content

1. While still logged in, scroll down the Participant Page until you see a box that says “Welcome to my online fundraising page” with a white “Edit text” box in the top left corner

2. Click “edit text”

3. A pop-up window will appear; enter your message about why you’re Shaving for the Brave this year. Feel free to delete what’s there and make it your own!

4. Click “update” before you close the pop-up


Now you’re ready to send out the link to your friends, family, coworkers, social media networks, and more!

Email if you have any questions!

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