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join the cub

Approximately 85 per cent of Shavers are under the age of 15, so we’re challenging parents, family members, coaches, teachers, and all other forms of adults to “Join The Cub” during the upcoming Shave For The Brave season!

We know some of you have already answered the call of the pride, and that’s awesome. We also know some of you think about it every year while watching your kids embrace a newfound sense of empowerment and community engagement! There’s no time like the present to jump in!

The Shaver 3-step to-do list:

  • Decide to shave your head (with no guard) or donate at least 10 inches of hair. You can do this with your “cub’s” school, sports team, etc. or together in your backyard or favourite salon!
  • Pay the registration fee ($40 for adults, $25 for those 18 and under) or collect donations from your family and friends. Our online fundraising pages make this really easy when paired with email, personal websites and blogs, and social media!
  • Follow through and submit all donations before July 31, 2016.

Have a little fun!

  • Create a team for your family or small group and try to hit a collective fundraising goal, or amp it up with a bonus for the top fundraiser! The team pays for the winner’s dinner that night, the winner’s chores are covered all week — get creative!
  • Take before and after photos to spice up your 2016 Christmas card!
  • Share weekly growth photos on social media before the event to keep your friends and family entertained as your hair reaches new lengths!

We could keep going all day, and we know you have great ideas, too! Share them on our Facebook page, or tweet them at @YACCShave with the hashtag #Shave2016! Email if you have any questions!

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