Meet 2020 Shave for the Brave Ambassador Samuel Peddle

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Samuel participated in his first Shave for the Brave in 2017 when he was only four years old. His mother, Vanessa, was hosting a Shave at the Delta Hotel in St. John’s, NL, where she, and a few of her coworkers shaved their heads and cut their hair to raise money for Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC). 

Little Sam was so inspired, he asked his mom if he could shave his head too! “I think he got bitten by the Shave bug that day!” Vanessa said. 

He started kindergarten the following year at St. John Bosco and when an announcement was made about an upcoming school Shave, he asked his mom if he could shave his head again. With her full support, he faced the razor once more, this time in front of his entire school. 

In first grade, Sam participated in the Shave for the third time, earning more donations than any other participant at St. John Bosco that year. While his bald head was still fresh, Sammy decided not to get another haircut until the following year at his school’s 2020 Shave. His long, blonde hair has been growing since that day and he’s excited to Shave it all off in the Spring.

Vanessa is moved and inspired by her son’s fundraising efforts. She says that supporting people with cancer is very important to their entire family. “We have had our fair share of family and friends who have won the battle, others who have lost, and others who are currently fighting. Sammy’s reason for shaving is his heart full of love wants to help people who are fighting this battle, any way he can.”

When Sammy faces the razor again in 2020, the second grader will have a year’s worth of hair to Shave for the Brave. When asked why he continues to shave each year, Sammy said, “so I can help young adults with cancer by raising money.”

School Shaves are a fun and exciting way to bring students and staff together with families of students and members of the community. The music blasts and the razors roar as students bravely take the stage and shave their heads for a cause bigger than themselves.

Samuel embraced the role of 2020 Shave Ambassador because he wants everyone at his school to see what being a Shaver is like and he wants them to join him in helping young adults with cancer. He also said, “it looks really, really, really fun!”

Samuel has some advice for kids who are nervous about shaving their heads at school this year.

“Stay calm and stay happy! It’s hair and it will grow back!”


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