Newfoundland Liquor Corporation’s not afraid of the razor!

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Newfoundland Liquor Corporation (NLC) held their Shave on April 9, 2014 and their four Shavers raised an outstanding $2,757!

Ray Bonia, who was both Head Hunter and Shaver, pulled out all the stops for his fundraising. He called on the Knights of Columbus for a donation, with whom he is actively involved; put a call out to NLC’s office in Port-Aux-Basque; and received $500 from the Public Service Credit Union (PSCU)! Bonia, who last cut his beard in August, upped the ante when he shocked his colleagues by Shaving his facial hair, too!

Bonia’s requests to the Port-Aux-Basque office were met with more than just a cheque when the office offered up two heads of their own! The Port-Aux-Basque Shave was such a big deal that the Gulf News covered the story and featured the awesome Shavers!

With such an incredible Shave under his belt we can’t wait to see what Bonia has planned for next year!  Maybe he’ll become a once a year (facial) hair Shaver!

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