A few notes before the St. John’s Community Shave!

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We hope you’re PUMPED for the St. John’s Community Shave tomorrow! We just wanted to share a few tips to help Saturday run as smoothly as possible:

THE EVENT WILL RUN FROM 12-1 p.m. AT THE AVALON MALL BY LULU LEMON. Feel free to show up early and get in the registration line-up, but please note we cannot guarantee starting any earlier than 12 p.m.

ROLL YOUR COIN. We have to count your money at registration so this will make things go more quickly. Even better, come prepared with a CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER (written out to Young Adult Cancer Canada) for the full amount of collected donations instead.

TEAMS. Please consider sending one representative from your team (possibly your team captain) through registration with all of your pledges. This way, they can collect all the Shaver numbers for everyone on the team when they leave registration so you’ll be able to Shave together when your numbers are called.

HAIR PREP. Please arrive with clean, dry hair. If you are donating at least 10-inches of hair, we will have stylists on hand who can braid and prep your hair for the best-possible results.

PHOTO LANE. When your number is allowed into the on-deck area to gain entrance to the barbershop, you may bring one person with you that can access the “photo lane” to take pictures of you up close as the deed is being done!

PHOTO BOOTH. This will be located outside the barbershop once Shavers pass through and receive their toques. This is where your family and friends can take pictures with you, with your co-Shavers, etc.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP! You can sign up on the spot! As this is our largest fundraiser, we ask that you raise or donate at least $25 in support of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC). Download the pledge sheet here!

Any questions prior to Shave day? Email info@shaveforthebrave.ca.

Before you go, we want to say a massive THANK YOU  for signing up. Your powerful haircuts will fund supportive digital, local, and national programs to help young adults live with, through, and beyond cancer. We can only have their backs because you have ours.

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

Geoff and the Young Adult Cancer Canada Team

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