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We asked our Shave for the Brave community to describe the Shave using only one word. What one word best describes the unique experience of being a Shaver and captures the thoughts, feelings, and reasons behind the decision to take part?

Victoria said, “Amazing.”

We have to agree. The Shave is an amazing experience, whether you’re shaving, supporting, donating or watching. The events are amazing, the supporters are amazing and the Shavers are amazing! When a person Shaves, they are doing an amazing thing for young adults with cancer.

Gary said, “Freedom.”

What an incredible word to use to describe the Shave! The Shave does mean freedom, in so many ways. It allows Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) the freedom to do great work. When cancer leaves people feeling helpless and hopeless, the Shave empowers individuals with the freedom to do something tangible for their loved ones. Last, but certainly not least, Shavers experience the freedom of more time in their morning schedule, when they would normally be styling their locks, and the freedom of no more bad hair days!

Barb said, “Family.”

The Shave for the Brave family is unlike any other. When a Shaver spots another yellow toque, they feel a sense of connection and they know that they belong to the same team. A family supports one another, challenges one another, helps one another, teaches one another, and is there for one another, especially when times are difficult. Shave for the Brave is YACC’s biggest fundraiser and YACC is a family of young adults with cancer who need each other as they face living with, through, and beyond cancer. Connection – family – is at the heart of everything we do. 

Julie said, “Fun.”

You’ve got that right, Julie! Shaves are SO much fun. They are high energy, electric, joyful, heartwarming FUN! Our young Shavers in particular know how to have a great time. School Shaves are like a giant party, where Shavers are cracking up at one another and the whole student body is singing, dancing, and cheering. Even Razor the Lion gets in on the excitement and shows everyone how to bust a move. Fun, indeed!

Amanda said, “Hope.”

YES! Hope is everything. YACC’s programs bring hope to young adult cancer survivors who desperately need it. Cancer is different for young adults because it disrupts their lives just as their lives are beginning. Young adults are dating, going to college, starting careers, traveling, having babies, and stepping into their independence. When cancer shows up, it can rob young adults of their choices, their freedom, and their hope. The funds raised through the Shave for the Brave are used to create programs and resources that bring young adults with cancer out of isolation and into community – out of hopelessness and into hope.

One word can say so much. We have one word that best describes how we feel about each and every Shaver and supporter of Shave for the Brave, and that word is grateful.

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