Shave for the Brave brings pride to CNLOPB

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The employees at CNLOPB were pumped to Shave for the Brave in a room filled with supporters on February 7. Amid much teasing and laughter, 11 Shavers faced the roar of the razor to hold up their end of the bargain after raising $9, 752, including a generous $200 donation from the social club. NLCU was on hand to present the Shavers with an additional $500.

In the essence of family spirit, employee Mike and his twin sons formed “The Stoyles Boys” team. It’s great to see parents setting positive examples for the next generation!

Vice-Chair Ed Williams said, “I was apprehensive about Shaving before, but I’ve never been more proud of participating in a charity event before in my life. It was the most powerful fundraiser our office has ever done.”

Well done, CNLOPB!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the CNLOPB office Shave such a success! Get in touch with for more info on hosting Shave for the Brave with your team!

Photos courtesy of CNLOPB


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