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On June 24, 2016 Jessica Besaw donated ten inches of hair in support of Shave for the Brave at the Rotaract Club of Toronto.

This wasn’t Jessica’s first encounter with the Shave; while attending high school in St. John’s, NL in 2008, Jessica was inspired when a classmate auctioned off the ability to cut off one of her braids as part of her fundraising. Jessica won the bid and was able to snip off her classmates locks for $100. Feeling inspired, Jessica participated in Shave for the Brave by hosting a small Solo Shave with her family and friends a few years later and donating a foot of her own hair.

Now, four years later, Jessica felt it was time to donate her hair again. Following in her classmate’s footsteps, Jessica auctioned off the chance to snip her braids away by holding a silent auction which brought in $180! The Rotaract Club generously matched the bid bringing Jessica’s fundraising efforts to over $700!

Jessica said when she moved to Toronto, she realized many people were not aware of Shave for the Brave or Young Adult Cancer Canada. To increase awareness and funds, she brought the idea of doing a Shave for the Brave event to the Rotaract Club of Toronto, a volunteer organization that she is a part of which does many community, international, and professional development events. Shave for the Brave was a huge success, and an event she is hoping will continue within the Rotaract Club.

Huge high five to Jessica for being so passionate and having the backs of all the young adults dealing with cancer!

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