Smith sisters hold September Shave

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Inga and Heather Shaved for the Brave at an event held at the Lions Den in Clarenville on September 17, 2016. They had live music and collected donations at the door before professional hair stylists Shaved the sisters’ heads. According to their online fundraising page, Inga had Shaved three years ago and had been growing her hair since to make sure it was long enough to donate to Wigs 4 Kids, but it was Heather’s first trip under the clippers!

The Smith family has been greatly affected by cancer — Inga and Heather’s father is currently undergoing treatment — but their family members were mostly able to live well and fully before cancer threw wrenches in their lifestyles. They said they wanted to raise money to help young adults have life experiences they might potentially miss out on due to their diagnoses.

Huge high five to Inga and Heather for taking on this unforgettable good deed and raising over $3,350 in support of programs and services designed to help young adults live and love life.

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