Tips for managing volunteer stylists

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By Alicia Quann, fund development manager

Hey Head Hunters! We literally could not Shave for the Brave without the help of volunteer hair stylists across the country! Here are some tips to book your stylists to make sure your Shave for the Brave is safe and speedy!

1. Start early! In my experience, the earlier you ask a stylist to volunteer for your Shave for the Brave, the more likely their schedule won’t be booked up yet. Don’t wait until the last minute.

2. Give them information about Shave for the Brave and Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC). If stylists don’t have an understanding of what exactly Shave for the Brave is or what YACC does, they may be a little hesitate to volunteer their time.

3. Send a stylist request letter. Don’t have time to write one up? No problem; send me an email at or give me a shout, and I’ll send a letter to use!

4. Ask around! Perhaps your Shavers, employees, or students are related to a hairstylist, or have a great relationship with their regular stylist who would come out.

Page 8 in your Head Hunter manual has more information about stylists, and make sure to refer to your stylist instructions in your Shave-In-A-box, these instructions are super important for ensuring stylists and volunteers are safe and use proper techniques on Shave Day.

Before you wrap up your event, thank your volunteer stylists! The few minutes they spend shaving someone’s head is directly related to the donations that make YACC’s web-based and face-to-face life-changing support programs possible.

Do you have any other tips we should add? Email me at!

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