You can’t beat the Central Fire Station Shave!

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Working on the weekends is no big deal when you get to hang out with this crew! Jim O’Toole resumed his role as the St. John’s Regional Fire Department’s Head Hunter on Saturday, April 26, 2014. The event has become a tradition for the families and firefighters over the past five years, and their events are always a celebration!

The children and family members who attended were treated to an awesome show as they watch their loved ones go bald and feast on soup, hotdogs, and colourful cupcakes.

Firefighter Brad Edmunds was presented with a Brave toque. While most participants are familiar with our yellow Shaver toques many are not as familiar with our Brave toques, which are awarded to those who have dealt with cancer, regardless of their stage or age.

O’Toole’s fifth Shave saw 16 Shavers and raised an outstanding $3,000! Their total includes $500 from the Public Service Credit Union’s recently introduced program which awards a head start cheque to all public service employee Shaves.

Thanks for a great Shave, and we look forward to seeing you all again!

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