You don't have to shave your head to Shave for the Brave?!

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By Alicia Quann, fund development manager

Did you know that a “Shave” is considered shaving your head bald OR cutting and donating at least 10 inches of hair? We get a lot of questions here at YACC HQ about the guidelines for donating hair and where the hair goes once the Shave is over, so whether you are shaving or donating at least 10 inches of hair, here is everything you need to know for the pregame:

  1. Hair being donated for wigs must be at least 10 inches long.
  2. Hair should be either braided or in a ponytail, secured at both ends.

TIP: Stylists are able to get more hair for wigs if there are multiple braids or ponytails instead of just one secured at the  back of the head.

  1. We can accept highlighted or colour-treated hair, or even hair from previous chemotherapy patients!
  2. Wigs can’t be made out of permed, bleached, chemically straightened, or dread-locked hair.
  3. If you’re Shaving at a smaller event or at a Solo Shave, once the braids or ponytail are cut and secured at both ends, slip them in a clear plastic bag (like a Ziploc bag) and send it on to YACC. Our address is 18 Argyle Street, suite 201, St. John’s, NL, A1A 1V3.

Once we receive the hair back here at the office, we donate it to Wigs for Kids through Continental Hair in Toronto. Check out their website for more information and guidelines!

Once you’ve donated your hair, make sure to wear your official yellow Shave for the Brave toque proudly! Not only did you make a difference in the life of a young adult living through cancer, you also donated your hair to help make a wig for someone dealing with hair loss issues —  now that is FIERCE!

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